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Animation is a powerful tool for architects, planners, interior designers, and many other professionals. In a simulation of movement displaying a series of frames, animation can portray the visual experience of the completed project in a fully realized and captivating manner.

At Visual 3 Dwell, our team of accredited professionals has a decade of experience in the visual design field. We provide high-quality animation services, with amazing results in a short time, at reasonable and competitive prices.


We can create an animation of your building, along with the landscaping, and even moving people and vehicles. Animation provides a realistic portrayal of the environment around your building, to enhance reality for the viewer and to better convey the relationship of the structure to its surrounding environment.

The use of architectural animation is on the rise, and more architects and developers than ever are adding animation to their marketing programs. An animated presentation before a project is built can give designers, investors, and planners a fully realized concept of what the completed project will look like. This is ideal for investors and customers who may be unfamiliar with building designs and technical drawings, as it enables them to visualize the project. In some cases, clients may be unable to grasp the spatial qualities and complexities of an architectural project without a computer-generated visual aid, and animation beautifully and accurately fills that need.

Interior Animation

Interior animation has many powerful uses across as range of professional fields, particularly architectural, interior and industrial design. It provides an avenue to invite your clients in to experience the full impact of your vision with an outstanding level of realism. Our quality renderings and animated sequences provide the perfect method to presentation.

Communication is essential in marketing — and what communicates better than an animated visual? Interior animation provides many marketing advantages for architects and interior designers, including:

  • Clear and detailed representation of every design aspect
  • Models can be shown from different angles with detailed features
  • Allows for faster client approvals and alterations

High-QualityAnimation & Superior Service at Visual 3 Dwell, we are dedicated to just one purpose – to provide high-end products and services to our clients. Our team of passionate, accredited professionals includes artists, designers, architects, builders, and constructors, all with an aspiration to beauty, who bring fresh, new ideas and perspectives to the table every day.

We can achieve outstanding results in an impressive time frame, at very competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about the compelling animations we can provide for your firm or business.

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We can achieve outstanding results in an impressive time frame, at very competitive prices.Contact us at Visual 3 Dwell to find out more about our services. Expect to be impressed, we have the highest professional standards, and take great pride in the quality of our products.