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Visual 3 Dwell is a team of young, passionate artists, designers, and constructors on a mission to produce the most advanced, high quality visualization products of every type. We are accredited, and bring more than a decade of professional experience to the visual design field. Our love of beauty, passion for design, and commitment to quality is the driving force behind every project we take on. Our goal is to help you clearly communicate the qualities, mood, and beauty of your design.

Meet Our Team

Gevorg Karapetyan

CEO, Senior Designer

Narine Azarian

Business Developer

Armen Sargsyan

AutoCAD Engineer

Petros Levonyan

3d max engineer

Arthur Sargsyan

AutoCAD Engineer

Charles Neal Interiors

I have worked with George on numerous room designs and furniture designs. He is a master at 3D rendering. He is very intuitive with his decision making and execution. On many occasions he has saved the day by adding that special detail that I didn’t think of. His expertise and background in furniture and interior room design is by far the best in the industry. I highly recommend him for all of your rendering or sketching needs!

Anatoly Karlyuk

I learnt about George from my friend, who had built his house according to George’s designs. As soon as I saw his drawings and visual renderings, I contacted him and asked if he would craft the new design of my new house. The experience of working with George is a pleasure: he always generates bright ideas and provides relevant recommendations concerning ergonomics, aesthetics and usability of the design. He is the one, working with whom is easy, pleasant and you will always get your own ideas visualized.
If you need a pro designer – George is the one I’d recommend to you!

Shawn Taylor

I’m a furniture manufacturer, and have been working with Gevorg for the past few months. I have been very pleased with his knowledge, and professionalism when it comes to our partnership. He works with me, and my team of carpenters, to understand the true vision of the project. He’s extremely accommodating to the needs we have and provides great feedback that he draws from his own experience(s). From start to finish, he provides great visibility, outlining the time he spends on each pieces of work, which saves me time and ultimately gives the confidence to know that the job(s) are moving ahead. Gevorg is a diamond in the rough, and I’m pleased to partner with him.

Anna Yeritsyan

I was happy to find George K Design to work on my apartment. I did not quite have a picture of what can be done and how it could look. After a few minute talk George suggested the style and look that best suits my personality and lifestyle. The lighting, interior, colors – everything is in perfect balance, and creates the comfort the home should have. I was pleasantly surprised that the design professionals took time to monitor the entire construction process and were actively participating in the procurement to ensure compliance of the material to the design requirements. For the last three years we have been proudly hosting our friends in the home created by George K Design.

Evgeniy Karlyuk

My family and I ordered design for the cottage on Novorizhskoe highroad. During our cooperation with George we realized he is a high-level specialist at his business. We were pleased to work with him and to embody his ideas at our home design. Today we have our house 80% ready and only now we see the implementation of those concepts, which we agreed to realize with our designer. Soon we will be able to post the photos of our cottage.

Jis Brothers

We received excellent service and the design that we need , on time work , will definitely go with him for my next project.

Alexander Bulychev

Working with George is totally awesome. He does understand what you want in your house: so he brings a bunch of ideas where, what shape and color the stuff should be. Moreover, his visualizations are stunning and impressive; every detail is harmonized with the atmosphere. In the end, when the confirmed design is handed to the constructors, they have no difficulty to realize the project and make everything the way they should be and as depicted in the designs. My recommendation is to work with George and realize your dreams!

Vahan Djerrahian

First of all, I want to mention that George is a talented and honest young professional.
It was very enjoyable to work with him. He fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations. More so, his fresh ideas, new colors and, most of all, practical and innovative solutions surprised me. He consistently delivered high quality work and he always met the deadlines and budget as we agreed. I thank him again for his hard work.

Yachtline Group

We are fortunate to co-operate with George on our projects. As we are a professional manufacturer of upscale furniture in Russia, we realize both classic and modern designs for our clients. George’s ingenuity and dedication to details allowed us to get the most out of the client’s desired needs. Of course all of the custom projects have been done in time and according to demanded specifications being within the planned budget. And we will continue to work with George on our upcoming projects without any doubts!!!

What We Do

Our 3D render service team is involved in a wide scope of projects, and can professionally produce any of the following visualization products:

3D Photorealistic Visualization
3D photorealistic renderings have an important role in today`s design process, both for designers , architects, home buyers and investors. It allows a concept to be transformed into a 3D reality.
2d Plan And Elevation
2D floor plans are used to present easy to understand site maps for development and approval processes. Our team works from your concept plan, sketches or notes to create customized, precise digital plans.
3d 360 Degree Visualization
Our 360 rendering projects are developed through a carefully mapped process that results in 3D visualization products with an outstanding degree of accuracy, realism, and stunning visual clarity.
Hand Rendering
3D hand rendering is the perfect way to convey a concept in the early stages of the design process. Free hand sketching or tracing makes it possible for a client to see spatial and material intent, while still allowing for flexibility in the design.
In architectural animation, we can create a movie of your structure that provides a realistic portrayal of the environment around your building, to enhance reality for the viewer and to better convey the relationship of the structure to its surrounding.
Our design services cover the entire scope of the process, from small product design development to complex architectural structures. Talent and passion drive us to create interior designs that are truly outstanding in quality, and beauty.

The Key To Our Success

We are driven to perform at the highest level in our field of endeavor. The key to our success is that each of our team members has a love of beauty and is personally focused on producing the highest quality work possible, on projects both large and small. The quality of our work makes it possible to communicate the project or product with a visionary level of realism. Our goal is to produce visually stunning work that inspires.

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