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3d hand rendering

Free-hand rendering is an essential step in the design process. It bridges the gap between a 2D line drawing and the end product, evoking a feeling of the work in progress, and capturing the essence of a design. 3D hand rendering is the perfect way to convey a concept in the early stages of the design process. Free hand sketching or tracing makes it possible for a client to see spatial and material intent, while still allowing for flexibility in the design.

OutstandingArchitectural Rendering

At Visual 3 Dwell, we produce superior 3D hand renderings to suit your purpose, efficiently and at a reasonable cost. Contact us for 3D hand renderings to dynamically portray your design, project, or product with impressive clarity and detail.

Furniture Hand Rendering

Furniture 3D hand renderings are a valuable resource for architects, interior designers, and custom furniture makers. One of the most difficult aspects of interior design is to convey projects and concepts to clients in a way they can easily visualize. 3D hand renderings can provide a 360°visual representation of custom furniture and the entire interior design that goes far beyond what is possible to achieve with 2D drawings.

Interior Space Free-Hand Sketches

For some cases, a client may require a 3D hand rendering quickly. These free hand sketches require less time to produce, and cost far less than investing in a computer 3D visualization. Hand renderings created by our talented team are the perfect way to bring a project to life fast, for presentations or planning, and can be produced in record time.

Our team of seasoned professionals at Visual 3 Dwell produces 3D hand renderings of exceptional quality and detail. Whether you are demonstrating a product, design concept, exterior, or interior, our photo-realistic hand renderings provide your clients with a clear view of a project in progress.

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