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3d Visualization

Photorealistic Visualization

Photorealistic visualization allows a concept to be transformed into a stunning, high definition 3D reality. At Visual 3 Dwell, our team of young, passionate artists, designers, architects, and builders have one goal: to provide clients spectacular products with reasonable prices. Our team brings fresh ideas and new perspectives to the table, and we are at forefront of innovations in the industry.

Architectural Visualization

3D architectural renderings can be a dynamic factor in the development of a specific project, providing a representation of exterior and interior spaces, and often appealing to investors more than any other part of a presentation. At Visual 3 Dwell, we collaborate with architects and developers to provide accurate, visually stunning 3D representations.

Conceptual renderings are a powerful tool in previewing a proposed design or in creating a 3D visualization of a project, with every detail depicted exactly as they will appear in the real world. All architectural elements, including proposed materials and landscaping are visually represented in stunning 3D.

Aerial Visualization

A project often requires a 3D aerial visualization to conceptualize the full scope of a project, as well as provide a powerful boost the overall image of the plan. The technique is a valuable tool for a presentation of a building plan to clients, allowing them to gain a visual concept of a project as it fits into the environment, as well as view the exterior details. Aerial 3D visualization models can allow for any minor design flaws to be resolved in the early stages of a project, and can be a vital tool when interacting with a city planning department. The perspective chosen is variable, and can be customized to reveal different aspects of a project.

Interior Visualization

A 3D interior visualization is the ultimate planning tool for commercial and residential designers who want to offer clients a brilliant depiction of an interior space in three dimensions. We provide the highest quality interior visualization services to architects and interior designers on both commercial and residential projects, including:

  • Home interiors
  • Office interiors

  • Retail facilities
  • Hotels

  • Resorts
  • Restaurants

  • Kitchen & Bath
  • Others

Furniture Visualization

Our furniture visualization services are effective for furniture designers, interior designers, furniture manufacturers and dealers, for catalogs, and many other uses. We can assist you to create the interior of an office space, producing a highly realistic visualization that allows a client or customer to view the entire environment with all furniture in place, in 3D as well as with 360 degree shifting views from any perspective.

Product Visualization

New products become real with our 3D product visualization services. Our process allows manufacturers and creators of new technologies to present something new to investors, or serves as a powerful tool for the design process. A product can be presented in 3D as an alternative to modeling and photographs – without limitation. Every detail of texture, lighting, and environment are in place to create the highest degree of realism in three dimensions. With the use of precision 3D visualization modeling techniques, a concept becomes fully realized to engage investors, buyers, and other potential clients or customers.

Virtual Staging

At Visual 3 Dwell, our professional team is often called upon for virtual staging of various properties, from residential properties to commercial buildings. To create the most positive impact upon a prospective buyer, exteriors and interiors can be brought to life as never before. We work with photos of specific areas, or all interior spaces, adding every needed element to show the property as it will appear when completed, or to create a fully-realistic 3D vision of a proposed interior design. For commercial and residential designers, our virtual staging services make it possible for the client to see and then approve a design concept. These services are also available for agents who need a property staged to help a transaction move forward.

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